Patriot, Flexo Plate-Mounting SleeveThe Patriot, a new flexo plate-mounting sleeve offering increased accuracy and productivity, is now available from Inometa Flexo Systems. The Patriot plate-mounting sleeve, named because of its red, white and blue layers, features a core comprised of a specialized glass material with exceptional clamping characteristics that do not change throughout the core's entire service life. A compressible, solid urethane inner layer provides greater dimensional stability, concentric accuracy and resistance to inks and solvents that cause swelling, reducing the accuracy and service life of traditional plate-mounting sleeves. The Patriot’s red outer layer features an innovative polyurethane surface with greater resistance to cuts and the effects of UV, solvents and water-based inks. Light weight and ease of mounting/demounting all air mandrel sizes add to the pressroom handling convenience of this new mounting sleeve.


Inometa Flexo Systems LLC