Enercon CoronaFlex at Labelexpo Americas 2014At Labelexpo Americas, Enercon introduces CoronaFlex, a new corona treater specifically designed for the label market to improve ink adhesion on high-speed flexographic presses and versatile digital printing applications. 

Enercon’s newest corona treater offers OEMS and printers powerful and reliable corona treatment through a compact footprint, intuitive operator interface and application expertise.
Enercon’s Vice President of Surface Treating Systems Tim Nimmer says, “Enercon is committed to innovating the way narrow web printers think about corona treaters. CoronaFlex is designed to help press operators optimize their surface treating operations and in turn print quality. CoronaFlex meets the diverse needs of narrow web printers by offering flexible integration options, the ability to improve wettability on a wide range of substrates, and an intuitive touch screen that guides operators to improved treating performance.”
"One of the areas that makes Enercon such a valuable partner to our customers is our vast expertise of corona treating applications across multiple industries and web widths," says Ryan Schuelke, vice president of sales. "In fact, it’s more than likely that the material our narrow web customers print on was pretreated by Enercon treaters on wide web film lines. Our team has drawn upon this knowledge base in partnering with narrow web OEMS and end users to develop CoronaFlex." 
The CoronaFlex moniker reflects the system’s tremendous flexibility. It can be integrated into virtually any position on all OEM presses, has a large scalable treatment window, and treats both conductive and nonconductive films without the need for an electrode or cartridge change. Enercon has also simplified corona treater installation as each CoronaFlex ships with a complete turnkey installation package providing everything that’s needed for an easy start-up.  And, should any questions ever arise on the shop floor, operators need to look no further than on screen troubleshooting which is backed by Enercon’s 24 hour customer support hotline. 
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