At Graph Expo 2014, HP is showcasing the HP Indigo 7800 and 30000 digital presses as well as new services for the first time in the U.S., demonstrating continued graphics industry innovation and customer success.

As the printing industry shifts from static jobs that compete on cost-per-piece to high-value applications with faster turnaround times, the HP Indigo 7800 and 30000 Digital Presses and new HP Service Advantage portfolio enable print service providers (PSPs) to capture additional business, offering print buyers a broader application range and greater value.
“Brands are challenging PSPs to redefine traditional print deliverables and timetables, requesting creative new printed pieces in short runs with deadlines that are only feasible with digital printing,” says Yishai Amir, vice president and general manager of Americas Graphics Solutions Business, at HP. “At Graph Expo 2014, we’re demonstrating new presses, unique applications and introducing HP Service Advantage to help our customers address these changing market demands and stand out from the competition.” 

Customers Shape the Future of Print with HP Digital Printing Solutions

The HP Indigo 7800 and 30000 Digital Presses, winners of Graph Expo 14 Must See 'Ems Awards, and the HP Indigo 10000 Digital Press, a 2013 InterTechTM Technology Award winner, will be on display in HP booth 1913. 
Since its launch in June 2014, the HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press has seen strong worldwide adoption, including two installations at West Chester, Pennsylvania-based ANRO, Inc. The HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press offers ANRO a new color management experience with an in-line spectrophotometer, improved productivity and a range of new capabilities, including the ability to print directly on synthetic substrates with One Shot Color technology.
“We are always seeking ways to provide more value to our customers through unique applications and improved automation for faster turnarounds,” says Paul DeSantis, director of information technology at ANRO. “We are proud to be the first company in North America to install two HP Indigo 7800 digital presses, and we are already leveraging the new capabilities for high-value applications on a variety of substrates, including window signage on synthetic media.”
Especially designed for folding carton production, the HP Indigo 30000 Digital Press has had 10 worldwide installations since its commercial availability in July 2014. The press will be shown inline with the Tresu iCoat coater. Customers that have recently installed the HP Indigo 30000 digital press include:
  • City of Industry, California-based Marrs Printing & Packaging, Inc., which is creating high-quality custom packaging for the hardware & automotive, housewares & appliances, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. 
  • Fitchburg, Massachusetts-based Boutwell, Owens & Co., Inc., a full-service designer and manufacturer of printed paperboard packaging, which is expanding into digital printing to grow its folding carton packaging capabilities for retail applications.
  • Germany-based Pfaffle, which is also making its first move into digital printing with high-end confectionary applications, complex finishing and embellishment.
“Our industry is driven by quality and innovation, which requires us to keep up with the latest technologies, but for decades, this only included traditional, offset innovation,” says Scott Marrs, general manager of Marrs Printing & Packaging. “We have been waiting for digital print to step into the game, and when we saw the HP Indigo 30000 we knew we had to be one of the first to bring it on board, understanding the positive impact it could have in building the future of our company.”

Growing Customers’ Businesses with Services Innovation

HP is introducing HP Service Advantage, an integrated services portfolio that enables predictable printing operations and optimized cost structure. HP Service Advantage includes two new service technologies, HP Predictive Press Care and HP Visual Remote Guidance, in addition to two established technologies, HP Print Care and HP Smart Uptime Kit.
HP Predictive Press Care technology minimizes unplanned downtime with early, information-rich alerts, flagging upcoming press issues for preemptive repairs and maintenance. Enabling press operators to resolve issues faster, HP Visual Remote Guidance provides real-time audio and visually-guided support from a remote engineer using wearable technology through HP MyRoom.(1) These new service technologies help customers increase productivity and profitability.

HP at Graph Expo 2014

Recognizing the growing worldwide adoption of HP Inkjet Web Press solutions, HP is working with Dscoop to build a high-value community of HP Inkjet Web Press customers. The two organizations are announcing the first annual HP Inkjet Innovation Summit at DscoopX. This will be the first worldwide conference of the HP Production Inkjet Customer Community, uniting for idea exchange, education, networking and business development. The HP Inkjet Innovation Summit precedes the DscoopX conference on March 5-7, 2015 in Washington, D.C.
With more than 150 HP Inkjet Web Press installations worldwide, the latest customer installations helping drive the analog to digital transition in the publishing and direct mail markets include:
  • San Jose, California-based BR Printers, which offers digital printing solutions, such as self-publishing, print-on-demand, short run publications and web-to-print, primarily for the education market.
  • Detroit-based Allied Printing Services, Inc., which is leading the rebirth of the city’s creative community by rethinking the craft of printing.
  • Sao Paulo-based Meta Solutions, a one-stop provider of customer communication printing, which is expanding into new markets such as publishing.
Samples from the HP high-speed inkjet corrugated packaging solution, the HP priming solution, as well as the HP T260 Mono inkjet web press are featured in the HP booth.  
HP is also demonstrating the HP Latex 3000 printer, which features double-sided printing and an optional ink collector for printing unlined mesh banner and porous textiles, as well as the HP Latex 360 printer in Grimco, Inc. booth 4257 and PriscoDigital booth 3207.