DuPont Packaging collaborates with BemisDuPont Packaging Graphics recently installed a second DuPont Cyrel Fast 3000TD processor at Bemis Graphics, part of Bemis Co. Inc.

The Cyrel 3000TD installations allowed Bemis Graphics to completely eliminate solvents and transition to a large-format, high-volume thermal Cyrel Fast workflow that provides high-quality flexographic plates to 17 Bemis printing locations. The complete story of the conversion and collaboration will be presented on October 21 during the Flexographic Technical Association 2014 fall conference in Minneapolis.

After many years of fast growth and a solvent-based plate making system that was nearing end of life, Bemis Graphics found itself approaching the emission limits established by the state environmental regulatory agency.  After a short initial trial with a competitive thermal system, they looked to DuPont for a Cyrel Fast solution. After the successful installation of the first high-volume Cyrel 3000TD system, plate quality and productivity improved dramatically, so much so that they soon ordered and installed an additional Cyrel 3000TD unit. Both units were operational in a couple of days and are now running 24/7.
“The quality of the plates has been so good our plate re-work level has dropped a remarkable 60 percent, while the reliability and consistency of the Cyrel 50-by-80 Fast system has allowed us to optimize our plate room flow and increase our productivity 20 percent,” says Matt Elliott, general manager, Bemis Graphics.  “Our operators love the new machines because they are easy to use and they have no solvents to worry about.  The workplace is safer, for example, we don’t have 55 gallon drums everywhere and we now don’t need eyewash stations or spill kits.”
In addition to reducing plate rework by 60 percent and increasing productivity by 20 percent, Bemis Graphics’ solvent emissions are no longer a concern for them or the state regulatory agency. 
“Innovation & the Image Carrier-Part III-Making the Leap: Moving from Solvent to a High-Volume Thermal Plate Workflow” details the transition and will be presented jointly by Ed Schieffer of DuPont Packaging Graphics and Matt Elliott of Bemis Graphics on October 21 during the Fall FTA Conference in Minneapolis.
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