Dr. Gregory Pace, a manager of global regulatory affairs at Sun Chemical, will discuss the design of low-migration inks and coatings for safe and sustainable packaging during a seminar on Nov. 3 at 2:00 p.m. during Pack Expo 2014.

As part of the “Innovation Stage” at Pack Expo which brings educational discussions on breakthrough technologies and techniques, the seminar conducted by Pace will talk about the increasing consumer knowledge and media coverage that has pushed brand owners and regulatory agencies to critically review the safety of packaging for food and other sensitive products. He will also explain how to ensure product safety from potential chemical contaminants through low migration design and materials selection which should be applied to the entire raw material supply chain. 
Pace, who has worked at Sun Chemical for over 20 years and has a doctorate in food science, will also show how business success requires expertise in regulatory compliance, manufacturing operations and scientific technological design.
During Pack Expo at booth #4969, Sun Chemical will introduce visitors to its SunPak family of low-migration products, which help address the risk brand owners face in food and pharmaceutical packaging, where compounds from materials in the packaging structure can migrate into the product or the surrounding environment. 
SunPak low-migration inks and coatings offer a comprehensive solution to brand owners and converters who are required to address chemical migration concerns in food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and tobacco applications, by exhibiting very low migration of chemicals which could affect the odor, flavor, taste, irritation, and safety of those sensitive consumer products.
The Sun Chemical solution combines chemistry, press preparation procedures, lithographic guidance and analytical support to help converters meet the most demanding requirements. Printers and brand owners can request a free copy of Sun Chemical’s Low Migration Best Practice Guide at www.sunchemical.com/low-migration-inks-and-coatings
To learn more about Sun Chemical’s solutions on display during Pack Expo 2014, visit www.sunchemical.com/pack-expo or stop by booth #4969 on November 2-5 in Chicago.