Clear Lam Packaging wins Impact packaging awardCapitalizing on the hot trend for grab-and-go convenience, new snap-apart multipack packaging developed for the Country Fresh Snack Fresh brand is a finalist for the 2014 PMA Impact Award: Excellence in Packaging.

Currently, Snack Fresh branded products include apple slices, grapes, pineapple chunks, baby carrots and ranch, celery and peanut butter, and red apples and caramel. Clear Lam is one of just 20 finalists from 67 entries submitted by 56 companies around the world.
“Clear Lam’s focus has long been on developing new, innovative structures that meet important consumer needs while providing processors with substantive supply chain and sustainability improvements,” says James Sanfilippo, president and CEO of Clear Lam Packaging.  “We’re extremely proud to be an Impact Award finalist and recognized among the global trendsetters who are setting new standards for excellence with every program.” 
The Country Fresh Snack Fresh Snap Apart Multipacks are designed in single-serve, portion-controlled packaging to appeal to healthy, active lifestyles. Individual cups can be easily separated and are easy to hold. 
When produced on horizontal form-fill-seal machinery, the process eliminates preforms and the trucks that would be required to transport them to processing facilities. The multipack configuration enhances cube for more efficient storage in cartons, on pallets and store shelves, and in home refrigerators. In addition, the packaging is produced from a modified, renewable PLA (polyactic acid) plastic with reduced density, making the cups lighter than those made from petroleum-based plastic and reducing the use of petroleum to minimize carbon footprint. 
Controlled atmosphere technology is incorporated to help extend product quality and freshness. The hermetically sealed lidding film doesn’t require high heat for sealing. 
“With the increased focus on healthy lifestyles and better-for-you snack options consumers can grab on the run, our Snack Fresh package needed to satisfy their demand for single-serve convenience,” says Doug Burris, vice president of sales for Country Fresh. “This package does that with its intuitive, snap apart design so that consumers can enjoy the product on multiple snacking occasions.” 
Clear Lam’s snap-apart multipacks are available as four packs today for retail distribution, but can also be adapted to 12 packs for club store formats or even single-packs for convenience stores. 
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