GreenBlue’s Sustainable Packaging Coalition welcomes Plum Organics to the How2Recycle Label Program. Plum Organics joins 30 other participating companies committed to educating consumers on packaging recyclability by providing clear on-package instructions.
A major kids nutrition company, Plum offers over 100 premium, organic baby food, toddler and kids snack products. The How2Recycle Label will be found on a number of Plum Organics’ products across their portfolio and will help consumers understand how to recycle each component of packaging.
Some labels will also carry the special message, “See Website for Cap,” to prompt consumers to go online to learn more about Plum’s take-back program. Due to their size, the plastic caps on Plum’s pouches cannot be recycled in curbside bins. However, Plum Organics offers a take-back program through Preserve’s Gimme 5 Program to give consumers the opportunity to recycle the caps. Both and Plum Organics’ website give consumers information on the take-back program.
"We’re excited to partner with How2Recycle to encourage consumers to recycle Plum products the right way," says Neil Grimmer, co-founder and CEO of Plum Organics. "We all know the recycling process isn’t always intuitive, but GreenBlue’s labeling system makes things clear and simple. As a certified B Corporation, we’re constantly striving to improve sustainability across all aspects of our business, and implementing How2Recycle is one of the key steps we’re taking to improve our sustainable packaging efforts."
The website is designed to help consumers find recycling opportunities including curbside access, local drop-off sites, and retail and grocery store plastic film drop-off locations. GreenBlue encourages municipalities and governments to include a link to on their websites to help community members better understand recycling opportunities throughout the United States.
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