The How2Recycle program announced today that Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, the business segment of The Walt Disney Company that brings stories and characters to life through innovative and engaging physical products and digital experiences, is the newest member of its growing program.

Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media will join more than 50 other member companies in using the How2Recycle label to educate consumers how to recycle product packaging. How2Recycle is an on-package recycling label program that gives clear, concise instructions to consumers about how to recycle a package.

"Kids are amazing, open-minded learners; by putting How2Recycle's accurate and easy-to-understand recycling labels on their toy packaging, Disney is demonstrating a commitment to empowering the next generation of recyclers," says Kelly Cramer, senior manager at Sustainable Packaging Coalition.

Today's consumers, and the companies they buy from, share a common goal in that they want to recycle. The How2Recycle Label makes that easier by providing a clear labeling system that enables businesses to convey to consumers how to properly recycle a package. Companies interested in joining the quickly growing How2Recycle program can visit