Dow Chemical Co. and Guangdong Jinming Machinery Co., Ltd. have jointly announced that they will be entering into a licensing agreement. This enables Jinming to utilize Dow’s proprietary pre-encapsulation die technology to make machinery for manufacturing polyvinylidene chloride co-extrusion films.

This represents the first such licensing agreement for Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics in Asia, marking another in a long series of milestones and investments Dow has made here as part of the company’s regional strategic plan and continued commitment to strong growth in this region. The collaboration facilitates access to Dow’s pre-encapsulation technology as the localization of advanced PVDC co-ex machine manufacturing will make it easier for local convertors to access this cutting edge technology and accelerate the use of barrier films over the coming years.
“We are pleased to expand upon our trusted partnership with Jinming, who will be the first company in Asia to be licensed this technology.” says Mark Saurin, Asia Pacific commercial vice president of packaging and specialty plastics. “With the evolving needs of the packaging industry in Asia Pacific especially China, it is crucial that Dow remains at the forefront of technology to consistently create technologically advanced and customized packaging solution offerings.” 
“Jinming remains committed to providing customers with sustainable and advanced packaging solutions and equipment,” says Ma Zhenxin, chairman of the board, Guangdong Jinming Machinery Co. Ltd. “We will use this collaboration with Dow to improve PVDC process technology to bring about greater productivity and results for our customers in Asia Pacific.”  
As the region’s middle class population continues to grow and becoming more affluent, people’s living conditions and quality of life have been improved. As a result, consumers are more willing to pay for packaging integrity and convenience in food products, leading to a rise in demand of barrier film applications. Dow’s technology increases the shelf life of meat products for example and reduces spoilage, thus helping to protect the integrity of food safety expectations.
Dow continues to push the edges of science and technology to explore new ideas in areas vital to human progress. With continual investment in global manufacturing capacity and ongoing innovation, Dow continues to make a strong commitment to the future, demonstrating again its leadership in the industry.
“As the first licensee to Dow’s pre-encapsulation technology in Asia, Jinming is one step closer to the world’s top machinery company,” says Ma.
“With this region’s rapid growth and importance in flexible packaging requirements, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics continues to find opportunities to invest further here, and to be a part of Asia’s future successes,” says Saurin.

About Dow’s Pre-encapsulation Technology

Dow’s pre-encapsulation technology will provide Jinming with distinct advantages in PVDC co-extrusion (co-ex) processing. This technology allows the PVDC co-ex die to have a longer continuous run time, dramatically increasing productivity by reducing die clean up intervals. This technology can be used to process Dow SaranTM PVDC resins.

About Dow Saran PVDC Resins

For nearly 60 years, Saran  resins have set the standard for barrier protection packaging and have long been recognized for excellent barrier characteristics against water vapor, oxygen permeation and odors. Saran resins and films also offer exceptional resistance to high and low humidities. Saran PVDC resins maximizes packaging performance through fewer or thinner layers of film in multilayer packaging structures, thereby potentially decreasing landfill waste.
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