Sun Chemical has launched its Streamline range of OEM-compatible digital aftermarket inks to the North American market.

Designed specifically for use in wide-format printers which use high-quality, solvent-based inks, Streamline aftermarket inkjet inks offer the same level of quality, performance and color integrity as original equipment manufacturer quality printing, but at a much lower cost. 
Streamline inkjet inks provide an optimal solution for large format display advertising, including: billboards, vinyl banners, and vehicle/building wraps. Additionally, the suite of Streamline products come in easy-to-use cartridges filled with high-quality inks that meet the stringent demands of the latest wide format printing equipment and the durability needed for outdoor weather conditions.
Carefully matched to the original products for both color shade and strength, as well as physical properties, Streamline inks allow print providers to use their existing printer settings when converting from the OEM inks.
“Many digital printers often don’t realize that there are alternative products available in the market and believe that swapping inks is too risky or complicated,” says Penny Holland, vice president of marketing for North American Inks at Sun Chemical. “With products like our Streamline range of OEM-compatible digital aftermarket inks, Sun Chemical makes the process of changing ink suppliers safe, fast and financially beneficial. Not only that, but they get the additional backing of our world-class customer support.”
Customers that purchase Streamline OEM-compatible digital aftermarket inks have access to Sun Chemical’s customer support center which is set up to help customers with technical issues, color profiles and more. 
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