RKW is among the winners of the World Ag Expo, which was held from Feb. 10-12 in Tulare, Calif.

A committee of experts awarded the RKW Group for their film innovation Polydress O2 Barrier 2IN1, which is a combination of a silage and vacuum film and features a six-to-ten times improved oxygen barrier. Overall, the jury, which consisted of industry experts, agriculturalists, and stock-breeders, selected a total of 10 product innovations for this year’s World Ag Expo.
Polydress O2 Barrier 2IN1 is the first product worldwide that combines a polyethylene silage film with a polyamide vacuum film. This enables a silo to be covered in one work step – the effort required is therefore significantly lower than with standard silage films. Beginning with the coverage process, the film innovation attaches to the silage. Through the absorption of ambient moisture, the vacuum film independently sepa-rates from the silage film after a few days and clings to the silage’s surface. 
Moreover, during the manufacturing of Polydress O2 Barrier 2IN1, 40 percent less raw materials are required and 50 percent less packaging material is produced, resulting in an important contribution to environmental protection and to lower disposal costs. Due to its special barrier characteristics, the polyamide vacuum film with its six-to-ten times improved oxygen barrier significantly reduces the ingress of oxygen into the fodder stock. In turn, this results in a low level of fermentation loss and minimizes the for-mation of mold, thereby ensuring that the quality of the silage is retained. 
Due to its convincing application and environmental advantages, Polydress O2 Barrier 2IN1 has previously received numerous awards from recognized European bodies and committees. With innovations such as this one, the RKW Group underscores its claim to the development of premium brand products that are used in the agricultural industry, in horticulture and gardening, as well as in engineering construction and hy-draulic engineering. In the US, Polydress O2 Barrier 2IN1 is available in widths ranging from 24- to 60 feet, in lengths of 100- to 1250 feet, and in thicknesses ranging from 4 and 5 mil.