Dow Packaging OpuluxDow Packaging and Specialty Plastics has introduced Opulux, a portfolio of matte finishes that deliver a distinctive and luxurious look to packages. The newest addition to Dow’s Opulux line is delivered in coating form and made of highly engineered uniform acrylic beads, in combination with an acrylic-based carrier emulsion technology. The beads, which are also composed of designed gradient in refractive index technology, act as a lens to achieve a low-glare, matte-like appearance while maintaining a high degree of color retention. Its aqueous formula creates an excellent adhesion to ink. When compressed, the polymers deform to absorb impact, creating a soft touch for consumers. Opulux optical finishes also  offer consistent matting, regardless of the package placement on store shelves and the angle from which it is viewed; provide spot or complete packaging coverage when applied to printed packaging materials; are resistant to heat and suitable for use in further packaging assembly and/or processing; deliver good UV resistance; eligible for food packaging applications; outperform alternatives such as matte films, matte lacquers, matte inks and polyurethane coatings.


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