The Constantia Flexibles Group has “unpacked” its new website:

Alongside the modern design of the site, particular attention was given to ensuring simple navigation from the customers’ perspective. It is possible to quickly locate
relevant content in just a few clicks. This is accomplished with a flat navigation structure and quick access from the start page organized according to target groups
and topics.
“The homepage and the start pages of our divisions provide an overview of all content at a glance. In this way, we wish to make it as easy as possible for users to reach the desired information in just a few clicks. With this streamlined design, we direct the attention of visitors to the most important aspects: our products for the packaging
industry,” said Daniel Smith, Director Head of Group Communications at Constantia Flexibles.
Alongside the improved navigation, the website content was also revised and reorganized. The website now contains detailed information on the Food, Pharma and Labels divisions, and central topics of the company are also clearly emphasized: Sustainability and Quality - both relevant aspects of the corporate culture at Constantia
Constantia Flexibles has grown considerably in recent years and is pursuing a strategy of globalization. These factors are now reflected in the web pages as well. All locations are included in the new Internet presence, ensuring that the company maintains a strong external image.
The new website is more interactive that its predecessor: Visitors can register to receive the newsletter, journalists can download photographs in the media section and
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