Global anilox roll supplier Harper Corporation of America strives to stay actively involved in the flexographic industry and share its expertise with other professionals.

Harper says it is excited to take part in this year’s APR Open House as a featured speaker.

This year’s event will feature presentations and demonstrations regarding the tools, processes, and practices essential for ECG and 4-color printing success. Harper’s own Shawn Oetjen,Midwest technical graphics advisor, will be speaking on “Expanding Your Anilox Roll Knowledge for ECG Printing.” He will offer insight into the integral part anilox rolls play in the ECG printing process and how to maximize results.

The APR Open House will take place at APR headquarters in Glendale Heights, Ill., on March 19-20, and Oetjen will present on Friday, March 20. Harper says it is honored to be involved and looks forward to the opportunity to connect with industry professionals.

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