ExxonMobil Chemical is introducing Vistamaxx 6000 performance polymer for high-performance cast power pre-stretch films at NPE2015, March 23-27 in Orlando, Fla.

Using Vistamaxx 6000 in the functional layer of cast PPS films provides outstanding ultimate stretch, excellent holding force and tear propagation resistance even at thin gauge.  This can contribute to the secure and safe transportation of goods, while helping to reduce waste and cost from damaged products.
“Although the functional layer of a stretch film comprises only about 10-15 percent of the total film composition, the intrinsic properties of the material used in that layer are key to performance,” says Bill Ramsey, Vistamaxx global development manager for ExxonMobil Chemical.  “Vistamaxx 6000 has been designed to improve stretch film performance in response to market trends.”
One trend influencing developments in the stretch industry is more mechanized and automated logistics chains, and the growing use of pallets to transport goods. Cost-efficient logistics operations can be made possible by combining the advantages of high performance films and high-speed wrapping equipment.
Films with puncture and tear resistance and very high holding forces are needed to keep pallets rigid and stable during transport. End-users also are moving to higher stretch or thinner gauge high-performance films, which can ultimately result in less film weight for the same pallet stability.  This can lead to cost savings through reduced packaging film use per pallet.
“In the functional layer of cast PPS films, Vistamaxx 6000 combines high stretch with high holding force, exceptional toughness and easy processability for high output,” says Ramsey.  “It creates a very versatile film that adds value for both the extrusion and wrapping operation.  Ultimately end users benefit from secure pallets.”
Ergis S.A., a stretch film producer in Europe with market presence in the power pre-stretch segment, has been running Vistamaxx 6000 in the functional layer of a high-performance power pre-stretch film.  
“We are impressed by the film’s excellent processability,” says Grzegorz K?dzierski, managing director at Ergis S.A. “Vistamaxx 6000 demonstrates flow right to the edges of the die resulting in excellent web stability and film roll appearance.  Also, the film’s properties - ultimate stretch, stretch force and puncture – measured at 300 percent pre-stretch, were outstanding.  The excellent tear propagation resistance provided by Vistamaxx 6000 clearly enables smooth, high-speed wrapping operations.”
ExxonMobil Chemical