FLEXcon, an innovator in adhesive coating and laminating, has announced an extension to its Phosphorescent product line with Phosphorescent PP 600 Lt. Green V-58 94 PFW.

This light green glow-in-the-dark novelty grade film offers more flexibility — wider width, lower-cost alternative to phosphorescent vinyl, and is able to be customized with a variety of adhesives and release liners for specific application and converting methods.
For brands and converters looking to be more sustainable, this 6 mil light green glow-in-the-dark polypropylene film is ideal for indoor novelty stickers and decals, P-O-P displays, and promotional graphics. This product is not recommended for safety applications. Its glow-in-the-dark surface coating gives a matte finish as opposed to gloss finishes currently available with traditional phosphorescent vinyls and/or glow-in-the-dark inks. This film is coated with V-58 high-performance removable acrylic adhesive that bonds well to a variety of surfaces. Plus, it is backed with a 94 lb. premium grade moisture-stable layflat release liner, which is ideal for sheet and roll-to-sheet converting. Its 54" master width offers economies of scale when compared to other products.
“We are pleased to offer this “greener” film and lower-cost alternative, which nicely complements our current offerings, including Phosphorescent V 240 Lt. Green V-253X 90 PFW and Phosphorescent V 240 Lt. Green V-253X 78B M&O-6,” says Sam Covello, product manager of product branding. “This line extension is an example of our ongoing efforts to provide more innovative and sustainable solutions.”
FLEXcon’s Phosphorescent PP 600 product is printable via UV and solvent screen, and UV, solvent and water flexo. Its method of activation includes incandescent, fluorescent, black lighting, as well as direct or indirect sunlight. The product glows the brightest during the first 30 minutes after activation has ceased.
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