Thomas Rimel, Executive Vice President of DUNMORE Corporation, a leading film converter offering film metalizing, coating and laminating, was recognized as Special Government Employee (SGE) of the Year for Region III by the US Federal Government Agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for his support of DUNMORE's safety programs.

Rimel participated in five on-site evaluations and represented DUNMORE Corporation in OSHA's Best Practice Sharing Committee.

The SGE Program was established to allow industry employees to work alongside OSHA during VPP onsite evaluations. Not only does this innovative program benefit OSHA by supplementing its on-site evaluation teams, but it gives industry and government an opportunity to work together and share views and ideas.

Safety is a core value at DUNMORE and nothing new to Rimel, who helped the company achieve VPP Star Certification in 2010. Since then, DUNMORE has remained diligent in promoting worksite safety and health throughout the organization.

“DUNMORE believes that safety and health is not just good for our company, it’s good for everybody,” says Rimel. “We’re willing to do what we can to help other companies keep people safe.”


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