Film supplier Elite Extrusion Technology has announced the availability of SL10, a specially formulated polyethylene film for breads, flat breads, meats and other food products that can extend shelf life up to 10 days.

When compared to standard “off-the-shelf” poly bags, SL10’s barrier properties showed a 30-40 percent improvement. This oxygen and vapor barrier improvement comes for a special formula researched, developed and tested by Elite Extrusion’s film experts.

“Announcing SL10 shows our commitment to be a provider of packaging solutions in addition to being a responsive film supplier,” states Glen Galloway, Elite’s president and founder. “SL10 will seamlessly replace current films without compromise to clarity, strength, seal-ability or machine performance”

Using SL10 can lead to less waste, reduce the need for preservatives and increase customer satisfaction all without the high additional cost of barrier film alternatives and additives.


Elite Extrusion Technology