Exhibitor Set-Up Info

Each exhibiting space includes one 6 ft. x 30 in. skirted table, two chairs, and a 5 1/2 x 17 inch identification sign with your company name.

NOTE: Due to space limitations, all freestanding exhibit displays, signs or banners must be no wider than 6 feet. Exhibits are limited to table-tops, pop-up and similar hand-carried displays.

Exhibitor Set-Up

Exhibitor move in and set-up will take place on Wednesday, February 12 from 6:00 – 9:00 am, the same day as the expo. All exhibits must be operational and ready for business by 9:00 am.

Hand-Carried Materials: Unloading / Loading

Exhibitors will need to hand carry their material from the parking garage to the expo. Please bring your own carts/dollies. There will be none available at the Center.

Another option is to pull up to the MLK Street Entrance, stop in the right lane and put your car flashers on. We recommend having 2 people to unload at this location - 1 person to stay with the car at all times while the other person carries the equipment into the expo. Once unloaded, the vehicle must be moved to a parking garage. The Center is not liable for any traffic violation tickets.

Storage of freight or other exhibit material is not permitted in the Ballroom or surrounding areas.

Pre-Show Shipments & Storage

The Charlotte Convention Center does NOT accept shipments. All pre-event shipments must be handled by Fern Expositions.

Please review the 2020 Exhibitor Kit when available and arrange for your shipment(s) to arrive at the Fern facilities in Charlotte by Friday, February 7, 2020. Please use the inbound Fern Transportation Form to obtain a quote for shipment to be handled by them. All other carriers would be set up directly between the exhibitor and the carrier, but must be shipped to the Fern facilities. Must use the Shipping Labels provided by Fern on page 8 of their Exhibitor Kit.

Fern Expositions will have a crew onsite at 6:00 am on February 12th to make sure your materials have been delivered directly to your tabletop.

For more details and help with shipments, contact Fern Expositions at 704-398-7440 or charlotte@fernexpo.com.

Electrical and AV Equipment

To order electrical service for your exhibit space, please complete the Electrical Order Form. Please note that exhibitors must arrange and pay for electricity no later than 21 days prior to the show. For questions or to pay by phone, call Smart City at 888-446-6911. AV Equipment is also available for rent through from PSAV. Please complete the attached order form. For questions, call PSAV at 704-339-6184.

Internet and Phone Services

The Charlotte Convention Center provides wireless internet at no charge to exhibitors and attendees. It is available within the meeting rooms in the upper levels of the facility only, at a speed of 768kbps upload/download. Faster internet service, along with phone lines, are available at an additional cost.

To order, please complete the Internet/Telephone Service Form and email to csr@smartcity.com or fax to 702-943-6001. Order must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to the show. If you have questions on Internet/Telephone services or need assistance in placing an order, please call Smart City Networks at 1-888-446-6911.

Compressed Air and Water Service to exhibits are not permitted by the Convention Center.


Exhibitor Tear-Down will take place immediately after the Expo concludes on Wednesday, February 12 from 3:30-5:00 pm. Materials that were hand carried into the Convention Center should be removed in the same manner.

EXHIBITORS ARE PROHIBITED FROM STARTING BOOTH TEARDOWN PRIOR TO 3:30 PM. All exhibits must remain open, intact and staffed until the conclusion of the Expo.

Outbound Shipments

Outbound shipments, using any of the freight companies, must be pre-arranged through Fern Exposition Services. They will be onsite at 3:00 pm to handle paperwork and removal of shipments. Fill out paperwork at the Fern desk onsite and then leave boxed materials on your tabletop with appropriate labels attached.

Any unpacked and/or unlabeled materials left after 5:00 pm will be discarded.