Uflex has developed a way for converters to achieve a metallic effect on a non-metallic substrate via its new reflective color communication technology that works with its pre-press software and special laser engraving hardware.

The effect is attained by manufacturing a special rotogravure cylinder that uses normal transparent gold, transparent silver inks or lacquer inks. The customised software ensures that the dots are precisely distributed throughout the design to produce a homogeneous metallic effect which shimmers better than printing done by some of the costliest metallic inks on metallic substrates/laminates.

Other benefits of the technology include reduction of laminate costs, reduced ink use, no additional capital expenditure and enhanced flexibility.

“This technology is a real shot in the arm for convertors and helps them add value for their clients by enhancing the aesthetics of their packaging without using prohibitive metallic inks or metallic laminate for that matter,” says P.K. Agarwal, joint president of Uflex’s cylinders division.