Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) has launched its newly renovated website, a result of 10 months of prep, design and reconfiguration. The website now offers a sleek look and enhanced content for keeping FTA members informed on news and topics. A responsive design enables easy access from any device.

“This new streamlined design is meant to be all about the users, not overwhelming with too many choices when they arrive at our site’s home page. It’s intended to guide them through the site in a more intuitive way with much less clutter,” says Katie Dubois, FTA creative services manager. “The navigation is greatly thinned down to bring users to the main areas of the site, where they can then be guided to more specific pages geared for their particular interests. We’ve added some new features, like a contact form, where users can reach out to us to request information, and a simpler, fewer-clicks store checkout process.”

FTA’s new website will be updated on a regular basis with new, innovative features which will be available for its members.


FTA: Flexographic Technical Association