The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) announced the formation and launch of the Emerging Leadership Council (ELC) (#FPAemergingleaders). The new group is aimed at establishing a network of future leaders to drive issues and opportunities which will have a long-term impact on the advancement of the U.S. flexible packaging industry.

The ELC’s mission will be accomplished by meeting several strategic goals:

  • Education, educating youth on the purpose and benefits of flexible packaging;
  • Recruitment, attracting and retaining talent within the industry;
  • Leadership development, firsthand experience driving critical objectives set forth by the FPA; and
  • Advocacy, collaborative promotion of innovative and sustainable solutions to key external stakeholders.

Jonathan Quinn, e-commerce packaging market manager for NOVA Chemicals Inc. and the chair of the ELC, states: “during the past eight months, the flexible packaging industry has proven how critical we are to the everyday life of consumers, and flexible packaging continues to be the most sustainable solution for a variety of applications. While we have tremendous talent throughout the industry, we need the next generation of great minds to push us and solve tomorrow’s challenges.”  

One of the ELC’s first projects was to develop a series of videos that discuss how the industry responded to the COVID-19 pandemic; sustainability in packaging; and the importance of workforce development. The videos are available on the FPA website and YouTube.

“The videos our group has put out really demonstrate how critical value chain collaboration is for the success and future of our industry. It will take all of us to, including the next generation of talent, to enable the continued growth and sustainability of the flexible packaging industry,” says Adrianne Tipton, senior vice president, innovation for Novolex, and the vice chair of the ELC.

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