Toyobo Co. developed DP065, a new biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film with a high gas barrier function that enables mono-material packaging.

Demand for eco-friendly products is rising due to consumer awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. Food packaging multi-layer films are made up of several materials with different properties, such as PET films, aluminum foil and polyethylene films that are not easy to recycle.

Features of OPP barrier film DP065 include the following:

  • High barrier properties: Water vapor transmittance of 2g/m2d; oxygen transmittance of 2cc/m2d・atm
  • Processing suitability (printing, laminating and pouch making): High heat resistance OPP developed as a base film
  • Safety: Complies with FDA and EU regulations for packaging materials
  • Does not contain chlorine: No emissions of gas containing chlorine and its compounds when recycled or incinerated

The company has promoted mono-material by marketing Olyester, a polyester film used as a sealant and for other purposes. Toyobo says it will continue contributing to a circular economy by broadening its lineup of highly functional film products using polyolefin.

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