Four apprentices and one student were given the "Hans Joachim Boekstegers Award" by MULTIVAC for their achievements. The new awards are given to apprentices in the commercial and technical sectors, as well as on students with an outstanding academic thesis. Group president Christian Traumann presented the awards to three prizewinners at the group’s headquarters. Other participants were present via video conference — including the other two winners, Hans Joachim Boekstegers, the previous CEO of MULTIVAC, the apprentices from the previous teaching year with their instructors, as well as the students currently completing their thesis within the company.

“A company like MULTIVAC needs committed and responsible future professionals, who will strive to ensure that we continue to set the benchmark in the market with our groundbreaking packaging and processing solutions,” says Traumann. “And at the same time we want to honor our long-serving and much appreciated CEO, Hans Joachim Boekstegers, by naming these awards after him. He was always particularly committed to research and development, as well as training and apprenticeships within our company.”

According to the company, training of future professionals has always had a high priority. By bestowing the new award, MULTIVAC says it is honoring its young employees’ commitment and will to succeed and anchoring this within its future staff. The "Hans Joachim Boekstegers Awards" are bestowed in two categories: "Best Technical/Commercial Future Professional" and "Best International Graduation Work". The gold prize winner is awared €1,000 and the silver prize is awared €500. An internal committee of representatives from different business units chooses prizewinners in an intensive selection process.

Gold prize for "Best Commercial Future Professional Award" went to Annika Hummel (MULTIVAC Wolfertschwenden), while the silver prize was awarded to Isabelle Appold (FRITSCH, Markt Einersheim). Both passed their "Chamber of Commerce & Industry" final exams in industrial business management in 2020 and were nominated by their instructors for the award.

Gold prize for "Best Technical Future Professional Award" went to Markus Bühler (MULTIVAC Wolfertschwenden), who completed training as an industrial mechanic in 2020. The silver prize was awarded to Andreas Kainz (MULTIVAC Lechaschau), who completed training as a mechatronic engineer in 2020.

Gold prize for "Best International Graduation Work Award" went to Marco Weber for his thesis on "Conception and implementation of online management in the configuration of packaging machines". He had completed his masters degree in business information systems at the University for Applied Sciences in Munich.

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