Eagle Systems, Inc., a U.S. based developer and manufacturer of foil enhancement equipment, announced that Litho Press has installed an Eco-Eagle Cold Foil Module on their ManRoland 900 HiPrint press. The finished product is reported to be the largest cold foil system in operation.

“Currently, the Eagle system, perched on top of our ManRoland press, is configured to process press sheets up to 51x73 inches (LxW). This marks a sizable increase in foiling output capability. For reference, the largest cold foil machine on the market, previous to ours, is limited to 44x64 [inches],” says Litho Press president Bernie Lacy. “The Eagle system fits ideally with our business model of offering speed-to-market, quality products, delivered on time. Not only can we now offer a substantially larger and more efficient product, Eagle cold foil cuts our turnaround time in half, at least. Our sales team is already projecting a directly related 20% jump. It’s opening so many new doors for our operation, and from a business standpoint, that’s invaluable.”

“While many are still lamenting about the year that was 2020, at Eagle we experienced our best year on record,” said Mike King, president and CEO, Eagle Systems. “Globally, the industry has continued to realize a rapid adoption of cold foil. Add to this our growing track record of reliability, adaptability to most presses, and a user-friendly interface, and it just makes sense. Especially in downtimes, the need to differentiate becomes even more critically necessary. Cold Foil delivers service providers with an innovative option that transcends the demands of their most high-end customers. Simply stated, it gives them the ability to say ‘yes’ to more projects, with less time and money required to make it happen.”

For more information, visit www.thefoilexperts.com and www.lithopress.com.