Tetra Pak has published a white paper to share insights on ways to help the food packaging industry produce more with less, through the use of data and visualization. Data-driven tech advances offer the opportunity to identify and implement sustainable solutions that better use resources and systems already at a company's disposal.

Dean Griffin, senior advisor at Tetra Pak says, "For years, there's been growing consumer interest in products and manufacturing methods that won't ravage natural resources. Now, as the effects of climate change have never felt more imminent, consumers are demanding corporate action. Another demand this time is by shareholder on productivity and profits. Companies are grappling with this perceived tension, but there is good news: sustainability and financial success aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, one often begets the other. The trick is spotting where".

The white paper frames food production, environmental responsibility relationship with revenue, builds the case for why smarter data management is the lynchpin for serving both and explores advances helping companies thrive.
Visit www.tetrapak.com/insights to download the white paper.