Johnny Appleseed Organic has launched ClimateGard, a no kill, premium, all-purpose, organic fertilizer with sustainable packaging that’s available on its website direct to consumers.

ClimateGard was designed for climate-conscious gardeners, small farmers and home gardeners who care about the earth, where their food comes from, and want to aid in climate change reversal. The company says that most organic fertilizers derive their nutrients from inedible slaughterhouse and fishery material like bone meal, feather meal and fish emulsion. ClimateGard says that its no kill formula sources essential micronutrients, humic acid, silica, living bacteria and fungi from a blend of solar processed poultry manure, fossilized seabird guano, bat guano and sunflower hull ash.

The product arrives in sustainable packing and is delivered in an organic cotton bag with a compostable inner liner. The company says it relies on reusable pallets made of recycled plastics in order to cut down any contribution to the waste stream. In addition, the company’s website and social media channels offer an outlet for users to share content in a variety of areas, including how to repurpose the ClimateGard product bag for household items such as oven mitts, aprons and more.

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