Jabil Inc. announced its reinvention of the wipes container. FusePack wipes packaging combine features of multiple packaging substrates, leveraging the best elements of rigid and flexible components. The lightweight but strong package is more sustainable and e-commerce-friendly than the alternatives. Cracking/opening in the harsh transit conditions of e-commerce — the flexible yet strong pack can withstand the shocks, vibrations and temperature changes of ecommerce fulfillment. FusePack is also hermetically sealed, extending shelf life and eliminating leaking.

“Cleaning and sanitizing wipes have been steadily rising in popularity and since 2020, they’ve truly become a household staple,” says vice president of technology Ayana Johnson for Jabil Packaging Solutions. “While wipes have become an essential part of our lives, traditional wipes canisters are incredibly bulky, using an excessive amount of plastic while tending to lose moisture, causing decreased shelf life. As home delivery has taken off, we’ve seen traditional canisters struggle with the bumps, shocks and vibrations of shipping directly to consumers. These factors drove us to reinvent the wipes container with FusePack packaging.”