Miraclon, home of KODAK FLEXCEL Solutions, introduced PureFlexo Printing, which enables KODAK FLEXCEL NX System users to produce high-quality flexo print within a wider operating window on press by controlling unwanted ink spread. Designed specifically for wide web solvent ink on film applications, PureFlexo Printing maximizes press efficiency, repeatability and overall performance while enabling printers and prepress providers to experience cleaner print, stable color and a better bottom line for their business. It also utilizes newly patented Miraclon technology.

Emma Schlotthauer, chief marketing officer at Miraclon, says, “For brands who rely more than ever on the power of packaging to connect with customers, brand consistency and eye-catching flexible packaging is increasingly important. Printers need solutions that help them meet the ever-expanding demands of graphic reproduction, without needing to operate at less than optimum production speeds or risking press downtime from continual adjustments and unscheduled stoppages. A wide print latitude is the key to profitable production. PureFlexo Printing addresses a core technical issue — unwanted ink spread — which helps to widen print latitude and reset the quality-efficiency balance.

“For example, if an unscheduled press stop to clean plates takes about 10 minutes, and with a typical billable press rate of around $700/hour you can easily start doing the math about the financial benefits in eliminating some of these stops. Add in the reduction of waste material and post-print capacity implications, and the need to address unwanted ink spread proves to be a particularly significant one.”

Miraclon says this knowledge in Advanced Plate Surface Patterning Technology, which has had over two years of testing in the field on over 20,000 commercial jobs, contributes to the following:

  • Reduce unscheduled press stops due to dirty print
  • Deliver more predictable color
  • Decrease press-to-proof match issues
  • Lower the impact of operator and other production changes

The company says printers report that greater resistance to common production issues means that challenging work can now be produced more consistently and with greater uptime. Notably, FLEXCEL NX Plates with PureFlexo Printing can typically use a softer mounting tape without compromising image reproduction. This helps reduce voids and the need to over-impress, further increasing plate life.

Prepress providers can break the cycle of chasing color, retouching and remaking plates. Trade shops that have tested the technology report a significant reduction in image retouching and file preparation prior to proof due to a more linear response, and a more accurate press to proof match — reducing the need for client press approvals.

Visit www.miraclon.com for more information.