4Legs, a family-owned, Australian business that creates natural, chilled and gourmet dog food that is 100% free of preservatives, refreshed the brand. Davidson Branding was briefed with revitalizing the brand and packaging. The brand needed a new positioning which would better reflect their vision, values and mission of helping dogs live a happier and healthier life. In turn, the refreshed packaging design needed to align with the new positioning and improve shelf stand-out.

Davidson identified two primary trends in the dog food category: brands positioning themselves either as science-based or natural. As 4Legs’ direct competitors in the natural space were using earthy green tones, they identified an opportunity to use a vibrant green to own a space in this category. Through extensive market research, they found that engaging imagery of dogs proved to be successful on the shelf. Surprisingly, no other competitor was currently owning a character illustration. Organically, the brand story centered around the slogan “4Legs: Feels Good” quickly came to life. According to Davidson, communicating this should be the main focus of the brands’ new look and feel.

Davidson developed a new brand strategy, giving the packaging a fresh and contemporary look. The 4Legs logo was increased in size; the clear space around it, allowing it for better stand-out in the busy category. The clean and bright, fresh green packs differentiate the product from the competitors and create strong shelf blocking. The new 4Legs brand still features the bespoke Basil character illustration, which heroes the pack and playfully interacts with the panel in four different ways across the range.

The brand’s new packaging design envisioned by Davidson aligns with its new positioning and clearly communicates its vibrant personality. Ever since hitting the stores, 4Legs has successfully differentiated itself from its competitors in the market; the fresh packaging making the products easily recognizable on shelves and ensuring cut-through in a cluttered, undifferentiated category.

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