ProAmpac, a company in flexible packaging and material science, announced its most recent award from Graphic Design USA, calling the recognition a tribute to the design of the “Jungle Juiced” pouch and an even bigger salute to the collaborative innovation process that is accelerating breakthrough packaging concepts. 

This recognition by the 2021 American Inhouse Design Awards is ProAmpac’s 15th award from GDUSA, a magazine and information resource for graphic design professionals. It was presented at GDUSA’s 58th American Inhouse Design Awards. 

The new “Jungle Juiced” pouch is a 15-percent ABV/30 Proof beverage that can be purchased from the Juiced Boxes website in packs of four. Dawson Sieradzky, Juiced Boxes founder and CEO, said the vodka-based juice includes natural flavors and electrolytes. “Juiced Boxes is looking forward to continuing their collaborative partnership with ProAmpac, as we launch two additional Jungle Juiced products,” says Sieradzky. 

Collaborative Innovation 

“This Inhouse Design Award recognizes ProAmpac’s successful collaborative innovation approach to packaging design,” says Adam Grose, chief commercial officer. 

To develop the pouch, “ProAmpac partnered with Juiced Boxes and utilized the tools and resources of the Collaboration and Innovation Center (CIC), from virtual prototypes created using MAKR and samples produced from our Design and Sample Lab (DASL). We were able to go from concept to commercialization in under six months,” says Grose. 

MAKR is an online packaging design configurator. It allows users to remotely create custom three-dimensional package designs in both film and paper formats which can then be prototyped in the DASL. 

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