Global flexible packaging and lidding films supplier KM Packaging announced pre-made shaped pouches with a Halloween theme of the shaped confectionery pouches has been going down a trick and treat with consumers in the US.

The key features of the pouches, that are suitable for dried snacks and pet treats as well as confectionery, include:

  • Pre-made, shaped and printed with heat sealable opening
  • Clear windows so the product can be seen by consumers or solid white finish
  • Gusseted at the bottom, allowing the pouch to stand upright on retail display
  • High quality Roto-Gravure print
  • Available with zip-lock reclosure
  • Can be supplied in mono polymer structures (PE/PE and PP/PP) for better recyclability
  • Can be supplied using compostable materials
  • Strong shelf appeal 
  • Ideal for seasonal sales
  • Excellent packaging for gifts

Sophisticated technology is used to make, shape, and cut the pouches and KM’s print management prowess and procedures ensure customers are provided with a high-quality eye-catching product.

The pouches can have a matt or glossy finish and clear windows and they are available in a traditional PET/PE structure, a mono polymer structure or using compostable materials.

KM Packaging’s commercial director Graham Holding says, “The pouches for confectionery and other foods enhance our product range. Our team’s expertise makes certain that customers gain a cost-efficient solution, from sourcing to shipping. By broadening what we have to offer, the pouches help us to further provide our customers with the right packaging for their needs.”

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