HYBRID Software, a global software company focused on innovative prepress and workflow tools for the graphic arts industry, has entered into a partnership with Digimarc Corporation. This agreement positions HYBRID Software to drive sustainability and efficiency in the packaging printing market.

Combined with HYBRID’s cutting-edge software, this partnership will leverage Digimarc’s expertise in digital watermarking techniques to deliver a solution in the automation of brand protection and traceability.

“Our partnership with Digimarc will allow HYBRID Software to enhance our technology to address our customers’ increasing needs in sustainable packaging and brand integrity solutions,” says Patrick Coussement, managing director, HYBRID Software. “We look forward to a long relationship with Digimarc and a shared commitment in providing scalable technology for our customers and partners.” 

The Industry Benefits from the Forward-Looking Partnership

HYBRID and Digimarc have a longstanding history of providing technology to the packaging print market. Digimarc Verify has been available to select customers since 2020, in HYBRID Software’s CLOUDFLOW software to allow for error-free inspection of Digimarc digital watermarks within automated workflow processes. Digimarc digital watermarks offer covert and overt protection for physical products, packaging and digital assets, adding a crucial layer that supports brand protection. These digital watermarks are fully compliant with industry standards, yet imperceptible to the human eye. Since the imperceptible watermark is embedded throughout the artwork’s entire surface area, scanning is expedited. 

Users of Digimarc Verify benefit from an extra level of security due to the integrated robust workflow automation. The margin for error from the creation until the approval cycle is drastically reduced, and expensive printing mistakes will be avoided. Building on the integration already available in CLOUDFLOW, HYBRID Software also plans to add Digimarc support to its PACKZ PDF editing software enabling application and detection of digital watermarks during the prepress phase.

SGK, a leading global provider of packaging and brand experiences and partner of HYBRID Software and Digimarc, has implemented new Digimarc functionality in HYBRID's CLOUDFLOW packaging workflow system, across its facilities worldwide. "We believe that our partnership with HYBRID Software and Digimarc directly benefits SGK’s global clients by offering advanced levels of automation and quality control on jobs with Digimarc watermarks," says Francois Estellon SVP, global operations & chief technology officer. "Our intent is to play a key role in the future development of greater integration of Digimarc watermarking into HYBRID Software solutions, thereby helping the world's leading brands and retailers accelerate their packaging connectivity and sustainability initiatives."

Upcoming Availabilities in HYBRID Software Products

The current integrated version of Digimarc Verify with CLOUDFLOW is available today, offering robust reporting and verification tools. The next version, scheduled for early 2022, will include advanced decoding and extended grading of Digimarc digital watermarks.

The release of HYBRID Software's native PDF Editor, PACKZ 8, is scheduled for release mid 2022. The PACKZ user community will be able to recognize the Digimarc digital watermarks using the Barcode Recognition functionality.

Visit www.digimarc.com and www.hybridsoftware.com for more information.