TIPA, a global leader in compostable packaging solutions for fashion and food, and innovative coffee and tea cubes brand, InstaBrew, have announced that their collaboration has brought 1 million compostable packaging solutions to the instant beverage market, two years since the commercial launch of their partnership.

TIPA offers an alternative to conventional plastic products, including instant coffee sachets. Its solutions have the same characteristics of conventional plastic – including durability, shelf stability, and transparency – but they fully break down into nutrient-rich soil within weeks when composted after use. The packaging commonly used for food and fashion are mostly made from conventional flexible plastics, of which less than 9% are recycled and make up 80% of the 11 million metric tons of plastic polluting the ocean.

On top of the million packages already sold, InstaBrew expects to increase packaging orders from TIPA by 25% in 2024. The continued expansion of the partnership enables the companies to both reduce environmental impact and meet growing consumer demand for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

“TIPA has been supporting us since day one as our foundational mission was to provide beverages with the highest quality products that can help replenish the environment after consumption,” said Juan Escobar, CEO of Instabrew. “The quality of their product is outstanding, and we look forward to expanding our mutual market reach as both companies continue to grow.”

“TIPA is proud to partner with innovative companies like InstaBrew in our joint quest to reduce plastic pollution while maintaining the same quality and safety of goods that consumers are used to,” added Daphna Nissenbaum, CEO and Co-Founder of TIPA. “Together, we're shaping a future where convenience meets eco-consciousness, fostering a planet-friendly legacy for generations to come.”