After specializing in liquid filling for over a century, Goodwin Company has continued to adapt to the needs of its clients and now provides an efficient secondary packaging solution (shrink wrapping) within their chemical contract manufacturing operation.

Just recently, the brand announced a new automatic shrink-wrap machine. This packaging option is making waves in the e-commerce space, allowing brands to achieve what Amazon does with Goodwin Company – but for up to 40% of the cost.

As the company’s website states: “Our automated shrink-wrap machine allows your product to be ready for the traditional or virtual retail shelf before leaving our warehouse. Even if your product is not manufactured with us, we can still prepare your liquid or non-liquid product for e-commerce distribution cost-effectively and efficiently.”

Currently, Goodwin’s shrink-wrap machine can shrink products at the same speeds produced. Their machine is flexible and can assist with combo packs, individually wrapped products, or triple-wrapped items for liquid or non-liquid products.

"We have always aimed to be a supplier that makes efficiency and cost-savings increasingly possible for our customers," said Don Goodwin, Goodwin’s President. "These shrink wrap machines are just another step in our development of secondary packaging."

To learn more about Goodwin and its products, including their shrink-wrap capability, contact or call 1(888) 212-1911.

About Goodwin Company

Goodwin is a fifth-generation family-owned and operated chemical contract manufacturing company founded in 1922. They have built their contract manufacturing capabilities to provide a full-service experience for liquid consumer and commercial-grade chemical brands. Their key capabilities include strategic procurement, bulk chemical handling, chemical blending, full-service lab work, liquid filling, liquid packaging, secondary packaging, warehousing, distribution, and software integration.

They contract manufacture liquid packaging for consumer use in global retail and e-commerce outlets and commercial use in large containers and bulk applications for the household, fabric, pet care, industrial, automotive appearance, functional fluid, agriculture, and marine industries.

They operate three manufacturing facilities and five warehouse and distribution centers in Garden Grove, California, and Lawrenceville, Georgia. Their facilities are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified by Tv Rheinland and are EPA Registered.

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