Packaging Strategies recently sat down with representatives of four companies in the Coesia Group to discuss secondary packaging solutions.

Coesia is a group of 20 companies focused on innovative industrial and packaging solutions. Hence, it made perfect sense to talk to Coesia representatives ahead of PACK EXPO Las Vegas (September 11-13), where Coesia will be presenting several packaging solutions, including those for secondary packaging.

In this podcast, we talk about secondary packaging solutions for the food industry, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and the personal care and beauty industry.

Fredrik Nilsson, Industry Sales Director, Personal Care & Beauty at Citus Kalix, notes that cartoners want equipment with a small footprint and a very quick changeover.

“The final part of the puzzle often for a cosmetic/personal care customer is the means of how we handle the carton itself, meaning it’s very important that we are very delicate with the boxes,” Nilsson said. “There is a difference, of course, whether you buy something from Home Depot for $6 or something in a beauty store that costs $86. The packages here need to be pristine, and the carton machine needs to reflect that.”

At PACK EXPO, Coesia will be showcasing several packaging solutions, including member company R.A Jones’ CLI-100 cartoner.

“What’s unique about the cartoner we’re bringing to the show this year is its ability to run two different types of carton – a paperboard carton and a corrugated carton,” said Jason Stover, Marketing Communications Director, Coesia North America. “You can do a smaller pack count with the paperboard – I believe we’re running a three count. The corrugated can be used as a shelf-ready display carton and can run up to an eight count – so larger counts for a box store like a Costco or a Sam’s Club.”

Bottom line, Stover said: “The versatility and flexibility of one cartoner to run both is something new that R.A Jones is bringing to this cartoning line.”

Check out the entire podcast to learn more about Coesia’s innovate approach to secondary packaging solutions or check out the company’s website for more information.