TIPA, a global leader in compostable packaging solutions for food and fashion, has announced the US launch of its home compostable laminate for dry food and goods packaging such as spices, bread and snacks. It is also highly suited for packaged granola, fruit, and protein gummies.

Previously launched for the European market, TIPA’s 608 laminate is now available for local production by US manufacturers amid growing demand for eco-friendly packaging from brands and consumers. New York-based American Packaging Corporation is among the first of TIPA’s partners that will produce innovative and sustainable flexible packaging solutions from the compostable laminate. 

As with TIPA’s entire home compostable products line, this will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from food waste that is sent to landfills by offering consumers the convenience of disposing of their food in their home composting bins while still in its packaging. This helps overcome the prevailing challenge of food contamination in traditional plastic recycling, eliminating the need to separate any food from its packaging.

The laminate is a two-ply laminate that runs on most conventional plastic packaging machinery and possesses a high oxygen and moisture barrier for extended shelf-life for various packed goods. It is suitable for flow wrap and pouches and can include standard and child resistant zippers. The laminate is available in white and highly transparent versions with a range of thicknesses and applications. It is also TUV OK Home Compost certified, meaning it can be disposed of in-home composting bins where it will break down into nutrient-rich soil leaving behind zero waste.

All of TIPA’s compostable packaging solutions, including the laminate, offer the same characteristics as its conventional plastic counterpart, such as durability and transparency, with the added benefit of being home-compostable. As such, it offers end-consumers authority over their own waste management.

“As the US plastic waste crisis reaches unprecedented levels, it is vital that innovative solutions for sustainable packaging become increasingly available in order to help accelerate broader market adoption,” says Michael Hanratty, Acting GM and VP of Business Development, North America at TIPA. “This represents one in a series of our recent steps to infuse the US packaging supply chain with compostable options, and will ultimately enable the average consumer to reduce their own plastic waste from packaging for a greener future.”

The launch marks the latest addition to TIPA’s exclusive portfolio of packaging solutions for local production in North America, which recently saw the addition of the company’s 301 and 319 high transparent compostable films. In addition to its growing US reach, TIPA’s multinational presence includes Europe and Australia.

To learn more about TIPA, please visit https://tipa-corp.com/.