PAC Machinery, a leader in the packaging industry with one of the most comprehensive ranges of equipment, will exhibit at Modex, a leading show for supply chain and manufacturing, several packaging options that save companies money on materials, help increase production and provides flexible solutions for sustainable packaging. The Modex Expo is held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA, March 11-14, 2024. 

The most exciting and latest option in automatic bagging and fulfillment will be the focal point of PAC Machinery’s exhibit. See the flexible Rollbag® R3200 Fulfillment Automatic Bagger that can run with three different types of material for added cost savings and versatility in sustainable packaging that includes PAC Machinery’s sustainable poly bags made with at least 25% recycled resins (available up to 100% recycled resins). Additionally, the R3200 Fulfillment works with Fiberflex® curbside recyclable paper packaging for plastic-free packaging that will be running on the machine at Modex. This versatile bagger can also run using PAC’s proprietary poly tubing that makes the bag to the length of a product, reducing material usage and cost.

“We are excited to showcase the combination of our most versatile bagger with the first-ever paper packaging for automatic bagging, Fiberflex, that is curbside recyclable,” said Greg Berguig, Vice President, PAC Machinery. “Fiberflex is a plastic-free packaging option for select PAC Machinery Rollbag bagger models and on one of our flow wrapper models.”

Paper packaging for packaging automation is one of the newest environmentally-friendly advancements in the packaging industry today. Modex attendees can see this new innovative packaging solution at PAC Machinery’s exhibit located at #C4488.

PAC Machinery will also be exhibiting top-selling Rollbag R785 tabletop bagger with thermal transfer printer – a great first bagging machine with the ability to print directly on the bag. This machine can package items in mailer or clear poly bags up to 12” wide. Visitors can also see PAC’s largest bagger, the R3200XL Fulfillment bagger that works with bags up to 22″ wide x 36″ long. This powerhouse packager is for larger items and gives manufacturers the ability to also print on the bags and right-size the bag to the product for additional savings using poly tubing. In addition, PAC Machinery automatic baggers will be running with poly bags made with at least 25% recycled resins, showcasing sustainable packaging.

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