PAC Machinery, leader in packaging equipment, announces short lead times on several packaging machines, including shrink wrappers, impulse sealers, vacuum sealers, validtable medical sealers and automatic baggers. PAC has announced current pricing will remain as-is for the remainder of the year, despite soaring inflation and supply chain issues. The following packaging machines are able to be shipped quickly, in weeks, due to ample inventory:

Shrink Wrap

  • Dempack™ H25 One Step Shrink Wrap
  • Clamco 6800CS Automatic Shrink Sealer 

Impulse Sealers

  • PT Plus Impulse Sealer
  •  PT Plus Med Validatable Impulse Sealer

Vacuum Sealers 

  • PVT Plus Vacuum Sealer
  •  PVT Plus Med Validatable Vacuum Sealer


  • Rollbag® R785 Automatic Bagger

 “With supply chain delays and increases in pricing for raw materials and parts, we wanted to be proactive and let businesses know that PAC has a number of machines that if ordered soon can be shipped quickly, said Greg Berguig, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “Any business with an immediate need and budget for new or improved packaging equipment should take advantage of our inventory surplus now for quick delivery and save money before prices go up in January, Berguig said.

PAC Machinery will be implementing an across the board price increase on all machinery at the start of 2022. Like so many companies are forced to do this year, the cost of parts, shipping and other inflation-related costs have been passed down from suppliers and are impacting bottom lines. PAC has been absorbing added costs this year but has no choice but to increase pricing for 2022 to help offset rising costs.