Industrial food processing equipment manufacturer, Provisur announces the new NovaMax 150 and NovaMax 400 forming machines. Ideal for small to mid-size processors, the NovaMax formers are versatile and flexible: the NM 150 can easily be upgraded into a NM 400 as business grows and production capabilities expand. And this is achieved at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. 

The new NovaMax formers feature a hydraulic compression system that enables precise control of product flow during each filling cycle. This assures accurate fills, consistent weight control and uniform shaping: chicken nuggets are perfectly formed; beef burgers are precision manufactured with or without paper. The feed screw prevents tumbling or overworking and preserves the ideal texture for each product. A single vertical plunger operates one-on-one for large volume patties, but also handles several fillings for smaller patties and nuggets. A dial and a pressure display are located within easy reach to adjust the forming pressure as necessary.

The next-generation technology of the NovaMax 150 and NovaMax 400 is housed in a simple, solid construction that ensures durability and reliability. Hopper feed capacity for both machines is 500 lbs / 230 kg. Typical throughput for the NM 150 is 2250 lbs/h / approx.1020 kg/h, and for the NM 400, 3250 lbs/h / 1470 kg/h. This may vary according to application specifications, production requirements and raw material.

State-of-the art electronic controls include a user-friendly PLC and HMI showing production, operating, and troubleshooting data, thus enabling fast reaction times and flexible product changes. Lower energy costs and fewer wear parts round off the many enhancements that make the NovaMax 150 and NovaMax 400 machines the perfect way to increase throughput and decrease downtime. 

The machines are designed for maximum hygiene. The sealed stainless-steel cabinets are equipped with a blower to reduce humidity and control temperature. An operator can easily remove parts such as the feed screw for cleaning and sanitation purposes.

Provisur’s enhanced customer support suite of services provides machine training, remote fault-diagnosis and supervised preventative maintenance worldwide. The company is committed to improving its customers’ bottom line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.