Wexxar Bel is integrating the IPAK TF200 Fully Automatic Tray Former with two Texwrap machines: the 2219 Intermittent Motion L-Seal System and the 1322 Single-Chamber Forced Air Convection Tunnel. Together, the integration is a complete tray forming and shrink-wrapping solution ideal for any industry.

The two companies, which are ProMach brands, will display the new machine at WestPack and demonstrate its capabilities with a versatile four-corner tray, showing the ease of transporting and stocking products to retail ready solutions.

“The integration at WestPack will allow attendees to observe the compact footprint of the TF200 and the rugged design of the 2219. The versatility of a 4-corner tray opens up many opportunities for any company with tray forming and shrink-wrapping needs,” said Mike Parkinson, IPAK product manager.

The IPAK TF200 provides tray-forming solutions for a number of different industries and applications. Through the use of Wexxar Bel’s mandrel and compression configurations, the TF200 forms a wide range of tray styles and sizes, including complex designs with telescoping lids, triangulated corners or retail ready display features. 

The Texwrap 2219 Intermittent Motion L-Sealer System is designed for applications where speed and rugged reliability are a must. These versatile units can wrap up to 40 pieces per minute when combined with the proper infeed. This impressive rate, coupled with conveyor speeds of up to 100 feet per minute and Texwrap’s exclusive Motion Trim™ technology, makes the 2219 the fastest L-sealer on the market today.

Rounding out the integration is the Texwrap 1322 Single-Chamber Forced Air Convection Tunnel, which uses large volumes of high velocity air to impart the necessary energy to the film for the best shrink package. The 1322 employs digital temperature controls, high velocity fans, individual top and bottom controls for air direction and variable speed conveyors. Each component contributes to the process of applying the precise amount of heat to the right places and for the correct amount of time.