The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA), the leading advocate and voice for the growing U.S. flexible packaging industry, is pleased to announce the formation of its political action committee, FlexPAC™, and its inaugural event to take place on March 22, 2024, held in conjunction with FPA’s Annual Meeting (March 20-22) in Tucson, Arizona.

To reach the flexible packaging industry’s legislative and regulatory goals, FPA needs policymakers in Washington, D.C., and the states who understand the industry and our mission-critical priorities such as extended producer responsibility, toxic bans, and product labeling. The FlexPAC™ will serve as the federal political action committee representing the flexible packaging industry.

“FlexPAC™ is funded by voluntary personal contributions of FPA members and supports candidates for political office who understand the broad array of issues facing the packaging industry and helps our industry support candidates for federal office in their effort to win elections and serve on Capitol Hill,” FPA said in a statement. 

FlexPAC™ is a bi-partisan PAC and is not beholden to any political parties. It backs Republican, Democrat, and Independent candidates for state and federal office who value the flexible packaging industry and will support FPA efforts in Washington, D.C., and state capitals. FPA says that, with the 2024 election season in full swing, it has never been more vital to understand the value of political engagement and the need to strengthen the flexible packaging industry’s political resources.

“It’s an exciting time at FPA as we announce the formation of our political action committee, FlexPAC™,” says FPA Chair, William (Bill) Jackson, Ph.D., CTO Amcor Global Flexible Packaging for Amcor Flexibles. “FlexPAC™ will help enable the flexible packaging industry and the FPA team to effectively educate, build relationships, and support Members of Congress and candidates who work to foster free markets, and economic growth and stand with us on key policy priorities.”

FlexPAC™’s inaugural event will be a ticketed breakfast on March 22, held in conjunction with FPA’s Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona.

For information on the ticketed event and additional information on the Association’s political activities, contact Kelly Knowles, political advisor, at