AMERIPEN, the American Institute for Packaging and the Environment, today announced a five-part webinar series, “Preparing for Packaging Producer Responsibility in the U.S.,” designed to help organizations set the groundwork for complying with extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs in the U.S. 

Following on the heels of an informative 2023 series that delved into the concept of packaging EPR, the upcoming 2024 season will focus on the implementation of state programs, covering topics such as producer responsibility organization (PRO) membership, reporting requirements, needs assessments, and insights from previously implemented programs in Europe and Canada. Attendees may register for the entire series or individual sessions based on their needs.

Session 1: State Timelines (Feb. 21)

Packaging producer responsibility will officially begin in the U.S. in July 2025 when Colorado and Oregon start collecting fees from producers. Maine and California will follow over the next two years. Before then, there are several decisions to be made, organizations to approve, and rules to be decided. Participants will hear about the four states that have passed packaging producer responsibility laws, learning what to expect over the next three years and how to engage in helping define the programs.

Session 2: Pulling the Data Together (March 20)

This session will introduce the role of producer responsibility organizations (PROs) and how they will streamline program reporting and fees. Attendees will also hear about the types of data needed and how the packaging value chain—from raw material providers to waste haulers—may be required to support producers with additional data. Finally, the webinar will explore how PROs might help harmonize reporting among various states.

Session 3: Services to Help Collect and Report Data and Manage Fees (April 17)

The third session will cover services for streamlining packaging producer responsibility data collection and reporting processes as well as leveraging data to manage producer fees and gain additional design insights. Participants will rotate through different virtual rooms, hearing from various service providers specializing in packaging producer responsibility data and compliance.

Session 4: Learnings from Needs Assessments (May 22)

If the objective of EPR is to drive innovation and investment into the packaging recovery system, a baseline understanding of the system and its needs will inform how fees are spent to meet program goals. Many states have required such needs assessments, which are just starting to be completed. Attendees will join a discussion on key findings and implications for eco-modulation, fee-setting, investment needs, and other program elements.

Session 5: Lessons Learned from Brands and PROs (June 19)

Packaging producer responsibility may be new to the U.S., but it’s been implemented and amended for years in many other countries. This webinar will offer insights from established producers and PROs on what they have learned and wish they had done or known sooner. This session will help attendees focus on the actions to create best practices from the start.

“Packaging producer responsibility presents a paradigm shift for the entire packaging value chain in the U.S, and in addition to our efforts to advocate for sensible legislation, AMERIPEN is dedicated to helping the industry to understand compliance with EPR regulations once established,” said Dan Felton, Executive Director of AMERIPEN. "After a successful 2023 webinar program, we’re looking forward to again offering a unique opportunity to help companies navigate the complexities of evolving packaging EPR regulation.”

Takeaways from AMERIPEN’s 2023 webinar EPR series, "Packaging EPR Has Arrived in the U.S. - Now What?" are available free for all interested parties.

All 2024 sessions take place at 1:00 p.m. ET/10:00 a.m. PT and are open to AMERIPEN, members, non-members, government/NGO representatives, and media with pre-approval. 

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