Parkside has launched its latest flexible packaging innovation, PopflexTM lidding film, providing a game-changing recyclable solution for fresh produce packers and growers.

When paired with and weld-sealed to a matching PET tray, the film is designed to stay attached to the tray throughout the recycling process, reducing the risk of PET material contaminating PP and PE recycling streams. This means the new solution is OPRL-certified as recyclable in curbside collection schemes, meaning the end user can simply drop the entire pack into their recycling bin after use.

The film is laser-scored using patented ParkScribeTM technology to create an integral opening flap that end users can press down, pop open, and peel back, creating a satisfyingly simple opening experience for consumers. The film is breathable when using the option of macro perforation to prolong the shelf life of the produce, and is made using recyclable PET containing a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content film. It is a mono PET rather than duplex like Parkside’s laser-scored lidding, which means it uses less plastic and is more cost effective, but with the same recyclable classification.

Steven Hallford, Product Development Technologist at Parkside, was delighted following the launch, saying: “Retailer guidelines increasingly demand easily recyclable packaging, and studies show widespread consumer confusion when it comes to which packaging components they can and can’t recycle. We’re excited to reveal Popflex as a solution to both these issues, making it a game-changer for fresh produce packers and growers.

“In addition to its recyclability benefits, it was important for us to deliver the sort of product protection and accessibility performance that today’s consumers expect. The Popflex opening mechanism delivers on both counts, helping protect fresh produce through the cold chain and providing easy access to consumers.”

The launch of Popflex follows another hugely successful year for Parkside’s innovation capability after its freezer-proof, fully recyclable paper-based pack won a number of awards, including the prestigious Stationers’ Innovation Excellence Award.

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