Coveris is expanding its barrier films capabilities to produce vacuum skin packaging (VSP). The expansion is supported by a multi-million pound investment at Coveris’ specialist extrusion site in Winsford, Cheshire, the UK’s largest blown extrusion facility of polyethylene (PE) films.

The investment at Coveris Winsford includes the opening of a dedicated manufacturing hall and installation of the latest VSP conversion equipment. Coveris Winsford’s manufacturing of vacuum skin packaging utilizes its market-leading co-extrusion capabilities and expertise in the production of nine-layer EVOH barrier film for meat, fish and dairy sectors.

Vacuum skin packaging is characterized by its skin-like appearance around products giving a high-quality appearance popular with consumers. Retailers can expect to achieve up to 25 days additional shelf-life and increased product security owing to the performance properties of VSP films versus traditional packaging formats. Coveris’ VSP films are validated on major standard skin packing lines and seal to PE, PET, PP, aluminium and cartonboard.

Responsible for driving innovation, Coveris Winsford is home to a Film Science Lab and technologists facilitating the advancement, optimization and validation of its award-winning films. An innovation project is underway to downgauge Coveris VSP films below the industry average for maximum benefit with minimum impact.

Sujoy Bose, Coveris Winsford’s Managing Director comments: “Coveris continues to be at the forefront of developing of high-performance, technical films. The addition of VSP films to Coveris Winsford’s product portfolio is an exciting opportunity to draw on our existing capabilities in multi-layer barrier films, supported by significant investment and innovation expertise. Complementing our current product range of specialist films for food sectors requiring EVOH barrier properties to prolong shelf-life and provide product safety and protection, the introduction of VSP films aligns with a key pillar of Coveris’ No Waste vision: no product waste.”

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