Plantic Technologies, Ltd. (, an international supplier of performance biopolymers, unveils its sustainable Plantic eco Plastic™ Skin Pack ultra-high gas barrier material that establishes new standards in vacuum skin packaging (VSP) performance.

This ground-breaking material is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology with a multilayer material based on Plantic bio-based ultra-high barrier material. Made from a proprietary starch technology, the Plantic eco Plastic™ Skin Pack delivers an almost undetectable oxygen transmission rate. The easy peel sealant layer is compatible with most available VSP top webs using a polyethylene sealant. The total package structure is made from up to 70% renewable content.

Based on renewable resources Plantic eco Plastic™ Flex uses less than half the energy of traditional barrier films and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 70%.

 Plantic eco Plastic™ Skin Pack is available in thermoform roll-stock or pre-made trays for VSP applications, and comes with high gloss or matte surface finishes. Depending on the application, ultra-high barrier Plantic eco Plastic Skin Pack can extend the shelf-life of fresh foods from 15% to 40% and is suitable for number of products like meat, poultry, smoked and processed meats, fish and seafood, and cheese. This material is not designed for microwave and oven heat use.