Afinia Label has recently launched their X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press. This release follows extensive development, focusing on refined enhancements to meet customer needs effectively. The X350 is designed to bridge the market gap between desktop label printers and high-end piezo head-driven digital inkjet presses, offering a cost-effective solution without the six-figure price tag. This development period allowed for significant improvements and field testing, ensuring the X350 delivers reliability and quality to our customers.

“Announced more than 2 years ago, the road to launch for the X350 has been unexpectedly long, with many twists and turns," said Mitch Ackmann, President of Afinia Label. “That being said, X350 users will benefit from the immense amount of development put into this platform. We could not be happier with the finished product. This is our most advanced, fastest, and cost effective solution for label printing to date.”

Thoughtful Enhancements for Real-World Application

The X350 has undergone a series of enhancements aimed at ensuring reliability, efficiency, and quality in high-production environments:

  • Increased Max Print Speed: Enhancements have boosted the X350's output from 27 m/min to 46 m/min (18 to 30 in/sec), aiming to improve productivity for users.
  • Printhead Life & Operational Savings: Focused improvements have been made to extend the printhead's longevity, helping businesses manage costs more effectively.
  • Optimized Color Print Profiles: For optimal media compatibility and print and color quality. 
  • Flexible Packaging: Testing and material sourcing for flexible packaging applications.
  • "Economy" Ink-Saving Media Profiles: With ink cost reductions of up to 33%, these profile optimizations balance speed and ink usage, while sacrificing as little print density as possible.
  • Durability Testing: The X350 has been rigorously tested to ensure its print output withstands environmental stresses like moisture, chemical contact, and abrasion—affirming its suitability for various applications.

"In developing the X350, we've been mindful of the challenges that come with innovation. Our focus has been on creating a machine that not only meets but adapts to the high demands of label printing, ensuring we deliver a product that our customers can rely on," added Ackmann.

Balanced Innovation with Practicality

Featuring a large 350mm roll width, durable and environmentally friendly pigment inks, fast print speeds, and a user-friendly interface, the X350 is designed to help businesses streamline their in-house label printing processes efficiently and responsibly. Its design reflects Afinia Label's forward-thinking approach to sustainability and cost-effectiveness without overlooking performance.

Afinia Label welcomes inquiries and orders for the X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press, encouraging interested parties to reach out for more information or to discuss how the X350 can integrate into their operational workflows.