Afinia Label, a provider of specialty printing solutions at accessible prices, has announced the launch of the DLP-2200 Digital Label Press with Rotary Finishing, an inline solution that offers advanced features for production-level label printing. With two modes, inline printing and blank label mode, and a fast print speed of up to 12 inches per second, the DLP-2200 is a powerful all-in-one label producing machine.

One of the key features of the DLP-2200 is its automatic web alignment, which ensures media stays straight without the use of physical collars. Additionally, the DLP-2200 has an 18-inch magnetic cylinder that accepts economical flexible steel dies to create labels up to 8.5 inches wide by 14.17 inches long. With a large roll media capacity of 18.1″ (460mm) outer diameter—or approximately 1000 meters of material—the DLP-2200 is a label press fit for high-volume production.

Other notable features include pressure-accurate gauges for simple and precise die pressure control, intuitive controls for cut alignment, separately-powered mandrels with automatic tension control, and an easy paper path for fast media threading. The DLP-2200 also has a precision slitting assembly with 4 blades for narrow roll separation and a split-mandrel rewind for clean and consistent finished rolls.

"The DLP-2200 machine is ideal for brand owners and private labeling co-packers," said Mike Atkins, National Sales Manager at Afinia Label. "They typically need frequent changes in the label design but few changes in the size and shape of the label. But even if a variety of sizes are needed, the new, simpler design makes die changes quick and efficient."

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