Colordyne Technologies is improving the performance of its presses and future Production Class printing systems by offering customers two new engine upgrades in a single package.

The Colordyne R8 Aspen Firmware and the R5 Xitron software upgrades together provide Colordyne Production Class customers with new-found benefits in digital color printing, including higher print speeds on the Memjet Production Class print engine of up to 275 feet per minute (83 m/min), and improving operator control and digital front end workflow capabilities. Furthermore, the ability to run multiple iterations of the RIP for customers that have graphically intense variable data applications. The upgrades also allow users to pause printing at any point during the job, and resume operation at the same point; the ability to chain single-page jobs while also providing real-time data and production reporting.

Additionally, a reporting module is being deployed to support Colordyne customers with the upgrades.

"The reporting module provides improved real-time reporting on job status, faults and conditions that can be used for proactive personnel and support technicians to help minimize downtime," said Ron Brown, Colordyne Technical Director. "We are focused on providing our customers with continuous innovation, ensuring both existing and new customers have the latest upgradeable technology further substantiating their wise choice to purchase Colordyne equipment."

Although not required, the software upgrades are encouraged for current customers as they provide the user with significant improvements in regards to workflow, up-time, and overall press productivity. All new Colordyne 3600 Series Production Class printing systems will come standard with the R8 Aspen and R5 Xitron upgrades.