Orlandi, an innovative leader in packaging and sampling solutions, has announced the launch of its new product, EcoPro™ Paper-Wrap. Designed to meet the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging, EcoPro™ represents a significant advancement in recyclable packaging options as it does not contain plastic, film, or foil.

EcoPro™ is a high-barrier, coated, heat-sealable, paper-wrap material that is recyclable, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic film or foil pouches, doboys, some packettes/sachets, and offers lower costs compared to folding cartons. With its innovative design, EcoPro™ provides a barrier against oxygen, water vapor, and grease, ensuring the freshness, cleanliness, and proper containment of various products.

One of the key features of EcoPro™ is its versatility, as it can wrap most hard-good products currently flow-wrapped in traditional packaging films. Whether for e-commerce, shelf display, point-of-purchase (POP) arrangements, or peg-rack retail applications, EcoPro™ offers a solution for every packaging need.

"Orlandi is proud to introduce EcoPro™, a product that not only meets the demands of environmentally conscious consumers but also provides superior performance and cost-effectiveness," said Sven Dobler, President and CEO at Orlandi. "With EcoPro™, we are continuing our legacy of innovation and sustainability while offering our clients progressive packaging solutions."

In addition to its sustainability benefits, EcoPro™ offers exceptional printing capabilities, allowing for high-end, full graphic content on the packaging. This ensures that brands can maintain their visual identity while embracing environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Orlandi, established over 150 years ago, is deeply rooted in design, development, sampling and contract packaging services for the fragrance, cosmetics, personal care, and general consumer goods markets. The introduction of EcoPro™ further solidifies Orlandi's commitment to innovation and sustainability in the packaging industry.

For more information about EcoPro™ Paper-Wrap Packaging, visit https://orlandi.squarespace.com/flow-wrap-packaging/ecopro.